Why Fond du Lac Decorating?

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Over 30 years in the painting industry delivering reliable, professional and attractive finished work using quality materials every time. Whether you have a specific project in mind or are still in the development stage, our team of painters has the experience, skill, and expertise to handle any job, and can also offer knowledgeable advice on a wide variety of other home projects.

Excellent painting on schedule and on budget: We can adapt to your hectic, every-day schedule as to start/stop times of work and always promise a "heads-up" to any additional charges should the need arise.

Quality Materials: We offer quality lines of paint from manufactureres like Sherwin-Williams and Tru-Test (Tru-Value)

Fully Insured: Full workman's comp., liability, and business auto insurance to protect both the client and out personnel.

Wide Variety of Services:We can do just about anything. We offer advice for the do-it-yourselfer as well as advice on color selections and ideas.

FREE Estimates: We can give you a "ball park" quote over the phone if you are comparing a number of quotes and would prefer to not be bothered at home/business by a number of companies. We will offer in-home quotes as well. (certain restrictions apply)

Serving the Fox River Valley and Beyond: Serving a radius work area of 70 miles from Fond du Lac, Wi.

Thorough Preparation and Clean Up: Surface Preparation is 75% of the job. What's under the topcoats is what really matters. After the work day is over, you are left with a clean jobsite as we usually ask for your approval before we walk out the door.

We use the highest quality materials on our projects. Sherwin-Williams, an industry leader, has proven to be a solid performer on most any kind of job. Low-Grade paint lines are never in our company's discussions with prospective clients. A true believer in "You get what you pay for". We may not be the cheapest painter on the block, but there are a multitude of reasons why we're not. Shortcuts are never taken to match the estimates we give. Quotes are layed out in "black and white" so that there is never any questions or confusion on the customer's part. If there is, we would be happy to discuss and get your feelings and thoughts on the whole painting process.